Saturday, April 16, 2011

THERE’s nothing more passionate—leading to most passionate moments—than a good dinner, caressed and cuddled by sumptuous words and sweet music. So let me tell (or whisper) you something cool: “Poetry, Food… Intimate Moments” is a freeflowing program of my poetry readings interspersed with my food offerings or what I call, “cooking gig.” Around a stream of scented candles and easy-wafting music, I’ll read poems while you dine and drink—all seated or comfortably slouched on the couch or throw pillows. So since spring is already dancing and summer is about to rock—why don’t you unleash those beautiful spirits off your winter hangover and open your house and/or property (farm, backyard, barn etc) to friends and acquaintances for some laid-back, intimate fun. By the way, we may also adapt the evening’s ambiance (or format) based on the particular day’s importance or significance (birthday, anniversary, Valentine’s dinner etc). [For other infos, go to: HIRE ME page]

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