Pots and Pans, Passions and Poetry

PASCKIE PASCUA’s “Poetry, Food… Intimate Moments” [Poetry Readings, Candlelit Dinners]
Unleash warm spirits off of your chest and open your house and/or property (farm, backyard, barn etc) to friends and acquaintances for some laid-back, intimate fun. I will whip out, what I fondly call “culturally-interfaced” culinary bliss and food delights—and then, read my poems (to the accompaniment of a musicians: piano, violin, harp, guitar, flute) while you eat or unwind with a drink or two. You may also want to perform (dance, read poems, sing, juggle, firedance, crack some jokes etc) as the night flows along.

PERSONAL COOK. [1] Provide me with ingredients of your choice (based on my menu list or you may suggest a dish), secure your kitchen for my cooking—plus background piano or violin music, c/o Pandora Internet radio (optional), or [2] Bring your ingredients to me, I’ll cook/prepare them for you based on agreed time, then you pick them up. (SERVICE AVAILABLE ONLY in Asheville)

OTHERS: (1) SMALL PARTY CATERING. Maximum of 20 people/diners. Entertainment provision/s may be discussed and negotiated; (2) SPECIAL EVENTS. Anniversaries, birthdays, Super Bowl Nights, family events, game evenings, what not.