Wednesday, April 20, 2011

LONG time ago, cooking was spontaneous—a daily task, 3 meals with some snacks in between. Food recipes are public domain. People have their own individual treatment or personal style or “secret” about how to cook a certain dish. Stews, casseroles, grills, soups and broths, baked dishes, stuff fowls etc. Cooking was a transcendent art form—it feeds both the body and spirit. Most of the know-how that I employ in cooking I get it from memory, observations on diverse cooking styles by my grandmother, my dad (mom didn’t cook much)—and many people I met in my travels. No recipes, no written instructions—no fancy gadgets, no expensive cooking machines whatsoever… It’s all instinct and feel.
PHOTO (my dinner dessert last night): PLANTAIN BANANA STRIPS with Pineapple Chunks fried with Honey on Lumpia Wraps—with Aunt Jemima syrup and sweet butter Ice Cream.

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